Abies alba

Common name: European silver fir, silver fir (English)
Family: Pinaceae (Pine)
Distribution: Central & southern Europe: mtns, Pyrenees to Ardennes, central Italy & northern Bulgaria.
Life form: Evergreen tree
Description: To 60m; crown regular; bark grey, square-plated when mature; branches whorled, level or slightly ascending; shoots light grey or brown, brown-pubescent; buds ovoid-conic, occasionally resinous; leaves in 2 pectinate ranks, 2-3.5cm, upper ranks smaller, 1-2cm, pointing toward shoot apex; leaf apex rounded or notched, shiny, stomatal bands dull white; cones subsessile, erect, cylindric, 10-18 x 3-3.5cm, bronzed green, becoming brown; scales to 3cm wide, tomentose, bracts exserted and reflexed.


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